‘What Islam Really Says’- Counter Narrative Leaflet Launched

Cardiff Prevent Stakeholder Group launched their leaflet ‘What Islam Really Says’ at the Senedd in Cardiff on Tuesday 17th June, an event sponsored by Mark. The leaflet is designed to counter some of the stereotypes and myths about Islam popular in the mainstream media.

Cardiff Prevent Stakeholder Group comprises voluntary, statutory and community representatives in Cardiff from diverse backgrounds. It has joined with Cardiff Islamic scholars, organisations and Imams to produce a leaflet reinforcing the non-violent messages of Islam.

Mark said:

“It is especially important in the current climate, where Islam is so often misrepresented in popular media, that there is a concerted effort to counteract some of these myths.

“Cardiff is a cosmopolitan city in an outward-looking Wales. The work of the Prevent Group is a very important part of creating a plural society at ease with itself.”

The result of over 12 months work, the leaflet – entitled ‘What Islam Really Says’ – is an easy-to–read document whose core messages will be reinforced through mosques across Cardiff.

It is hoped that further phases will see key non-violent messages reinforced through the education system and community workshops. As one section of the leaflet states:

“Indiscriminate acts of violence and the use of terrorism is forbidden in Islam and as Muslims we are commanded to respect the sanctity of all human life.”

Jasmin Chowdhury and Barrie Phillips – acting co-chairs of the group – said:

“The core objectives of the Prevent group have been to improve community cohesion and challenge extremist rhetoric. By producing a leaflet for all those of faith and no faith the group seeks to reinforce core messages around respect, tolerance and understanding – core building blocks for living harmoniously in today’s Wales.”