Welsh Government putting hundreds of Families First every month

A key child poverty scheme helped over 3,000 families in Wales with a range of needs to receive support, during a nine month period last year.

Almost 1,800 of those families signed up to specific Families First action plan to address potentially spiralling problems. The remainder were referred to a range of projects, as a result of the support they had through the Welsh Government’s Families First programme.

The findings are set out in an evaluation report, Families First: Year Two Evaluation Report.

Families First was set up in 2010 to play a key role in addressing child poverty in Wales. It works with local authorities to provide co-ordinated support and a range of projects to help families experiencing multiple difficulties. Local authorities tailor the support they provide to tackle local need and specific requirements of families.

During the nine months under review, 1,777 families signed up to a jointly agreed and tailored Team Around the Family action plan. Each family has a range of challenges and each action plan draws together a range of agencies.

Just over half of families (53%), where data was reported, recorded successful results. In the short-term these were most likely to include improved behaviour, well-being and relationships within the family.

Results were more positive for families affected by disability, with 71% recording successful results. This is partly due to the families being more likely to engage with Families First staff and complete their action plans.

More than eight out of ten staff who work with families say they have seen an improvement in the referral of families for support, assessment and provision of services since Families First  was launched.