Update on Social Fund

Mark  Drakeford: Minister, will you confirm one more time that, with barely six working months left before this is meant to be introduced in Wales, you are having to devise a scheme without knowing how much money will be transferred to you, although there will be a substantial cut? The social fund has been cut already this year by the coalition’s insistence that no more than three crisis loans can be claimed within a 12-calendar-month period. You do not know how much money will be transferred to support the administration of a scheme that, historically, for every £3 that has been given out, it has cost £1 to administer, and you do not know how long the funding will last when you do get it. Whatever happened to the principles of decent administration?

Carl Sargeant: I can confirm all the facts that the Member raised. We do not know what the core value will be, we do not know what the administration costs will be and we certainly do not know when we will get that detail.