Questions to Consel General 5th October 2011

Mark Drakeford: Sawl gwaith y mae swyddogion y gyfraith yn Lloegr wedi ymgynghori â’r Cwnsler Cyffredinol am y goblygiadau posibl i Gymru o ddeddfwriaeth sydd yn yr arfaeth gan Lywodraeth y DU 
[How many times has the Counsel General been consulted by law officers in England about the potential implications for Wales of forthcoming UK Government legislation

Theodore Huckle: I am sorry, I am not able to make statements about discussions that I have had the with UK law officers as to the content of those discussions either directly or indirectly. Even the fact of advice and discussions of this kind is not disclosable, let alone the content. I can say that it is my understanding that the ordinary processess of discussions about the potential implications of forthcoming UK Government legislation is between departments. 

Mark Drakeford: I am afraid that I think that that is an unsatisfactory answer to what was a simple question. I asked nothing about the content of your discussions. I do not want to know anything that is privileged or anything that a member of the public might not feel entitled to know. I simply asked you for the number of occasions on which law officers in England have contacted your office. It is a simple numeral, and I am happt to take the answer just as that. I ask you again: how many times? 

Theodore Huckle: I am afraid that the difficult is that, although a number has been asked for, it has been asked for in reference to a specific issue. If I breach the convention now, there will be no reason to maintain it in future, so I am afraid that the answer must remain the same.