Next phase of Cardiff Capital Region Metro revealed

Transport Minister Edwina Hart has published plans for the next stage of the Cardiff Capital Region Metro.

The Welsh Government report sets out the immediate actions for phase one of the project to deliver an integrated public transport system for south east Wales, and some new ideas which could be tested out ahead of future investment.

The Minister said:

“The work has focused on examining the feasibility of the ideas set out in the original Impact Study. The Metro is an ambitious long-term project with some radical ideas, so we need to look at how we can test out some of those ideas while also delivering improvements on the ground now, this is what this plan aims to do.

“The Metro is more than just a transport project it will be the catalyst for transforming the economic and social prospects of the region and Wales.”

Roger Lewis, Chair of Cardiff Capital Region Board said:

“I am delighted to see the progress that has been made in developing plans for the next stage of the Metro. From the outset, the Cardiff Capital Region Board has identified the Metro’s importance as a transformative project which, with improved transport connectivity at its core, is seen as integral to achieving wider economic and social outcomes for south east Wales.

“We are determined as a Board to maintain momentum and are keen to progress the strategic vision for the Metro as part of a wider approach to economic development in the region.”