New Constituency Office – 395 Cowbridge Road East

From June 30th, Mark Drakeford AM and Kevin Brennan MP will be based in a new premises at:

395 Cowbridge Road East,


Cardiff CF5 1JG.

(See Map)


This location is close to the Job Centre in Canton, and Cardiff West’s busy local shopping district of Cowbridge Road.

There is on-street parking in the immediate vicinity on and around Cowbridge Road.

The new office is very accessible by public transport, with 2 bus stops within 50 metres, by Clive Road and Radnor Court. There are direct bus services from many areas of Cardiff West. Buses include:

1/2 (Cardiff Bus City Circle) Leckwith Rd and South Canton, Western Avenue.

12/13 (Cardiff Bus) Ely, Caerau, Leckwith Rd and South Canton.

15 (Cardiff Bus) Ely, Caerau, Western Avenue, Riverside.

17/18 (Cardiff Bus) Riverside, Canton, Ely, Caerau.

32A (Easybus) St Fagans, Fairwater, Canton.

64/65 (Cardiff Bus) Llandaff, Danescourt, Pentrebane, Fairwater.

X1 (NAT) Canton, Ely, Caerau.


NB The old premises on Cathedral Road will no longer be linked to our Cardiff West representatives.