Jobs Growth Wales target beaten – six months early

More than 12,000 young people have got their foot in the door to a new career thanks to the Welsh Government funded Jobs Growth Wales programme, announced Deputy Minister for Skills and Technology, Julie James.

The programme began in April 2012 with a target of creating and filling 12,000 job opportunities over three years. The target has been reached six months earlier than expected.

Latest Welsh Government statistics show that 15,625 job opportunities have been created and 12,298 vacancies filled by Jobs Growth Wales.

The Deputy Minister said:

“I’m delighted that so many companies, across a range of industries, are recognising the benefits of this programme. In the months ahead I hope to visit companies across Wales to see how Jobs Growth Wales is helping both employers and our young people.

“The success of Jobs Growth Wales and the fall in youth unemployment in Wales is no coincidence. It’s clear that our programme is playing its part in helping our young people into sustainable paid, meaningful work.”

This European Social Fund-backed programme provides unemployed young people aged 16-24 with a job opportunity for six months. Jobs Growth Wales helps employers to develop their business by reimbursing the young person’s salary, with the aim of sustained employment after six months.

Young people are employed for between 25 and 40 hours a week for the duration of the 6 months opportunity and jobs created must be additional to, and not replace, positions that would otherwise be filled.

Almost eight out of ten (78%) Job Growth Wales opportunities have been taken up in the private sector.  83% of participants have progressed into sustained employment, including apprenticeship or further learning upon completing a six month opportunity.