FMQs 21st June 2011 – Health Policy

Mark Drakeford: A wnaiff y Prif Weinidog ddatganiad aryr egwyddorion a fydd yn llywio’r broses o lunio polisïau iechyd yng Nghymru yn ystod cyfnod y Pedwerydd Cynulliad.   
[Will the First Minister make a statement on the principles which will guide health policy making in Wales during the period of the Fourth Assembly.]  

The First Minister: We will not look to privatise health services, we will not look to commission general practitioner services and we will ensure that we provide high-quality services to our people.  

Mark Drakeford: Would you agree that consistency and continuity are essential in providing a stable policy framework for delivering health services, and that the positive approach you have just outlined provides a sharp contrast with what The Times newspaper called the ‘debacle’ of last week’s health policy u-turn in England?   

The First Minister: It is fair to say that no-one in Wales would want to see that kind of debacle here. I have heard many times that people are grateful for the fact that they have a Welsh Government that is interested in providing good GP services rather than toying with the markets in order to make a profit.