Flying Start success in Cardiff West

The Welsh Government’s Flying Start programme provides free, quality, part-time childcare; an enhanced health visiting service; access to parenting programmes aimed at improving children’s health; and early language development to 2-3 years living in eligible areas of Wales.

The latest figures for one area of Cardiff West show impressive improvements since the introduction of Flying Start. Progress is measured in terms of children reaching ‘developmental milestones’. These milestones indicate positive signs of physical health, language and communication skills, cognitive skills, and social/ emotional skills. Compared to 46% in 2009-10, 55% of two-year-olds in 2013-14 involved in the programme are at or exceeding their ‘developmental milestones’. 54% of 3-year-olds are now at or exceeding the milestones, compared to 32% in 2009-10.