Fairwater Community Hub a success

Mark was impressed by the facilities on offer at the new Fairwater Community Hub, which he visited today.

Mark commented:
“This Hub builds on the success of Hubs in other communities, such as Ely and Caerau in Cardiff West. They have become important resources in the community, and people in Fairwater will now be able to benefit too from this investment from the Labour Cardiff Council.”

Local Fairwater Councillor Paul Mitchell also attended, and said:
“It was thanks to Mark Drakeford’s early support that we were able to secure the grant for the initial development of the Hub. What a wonderful resource it now is for Fairwater.”

Peter Bradbury – Cardiff Council’s Cabinet Member for Community Development, Co-operatives and Social Enterprise – has implemented the Hubs Strategy and added:
“The Hubs provide a much better service, all under one roof and fully accessible. There is a library, advice on housing, on benefits and on employment, an IT suite, community rooms, and a café. There is free wi-fi throughout.”

20160520 FW Hub1
20160520 FW Hub2