Cardiff to become internet hub

Cardiff is set to have its own internet exchange in the heart of the city later this year providing a significant boost for businesses, Economy Minister Edwina Hart has announced.

Currently all internet traffic in south Wales has to be sent via London which is costly for local internet service providers and content providers who have the burden of paying for connectivity to London

An internet exchange enables internet service providers to exchange internet traffic between their networks which is known as “peering”.

The Welsh Government has been working with LINX (the London INternet eXchange), Cardiff County Council and other partners to bring an internet exchange to the heart of Cardiff.

The Minister said it would help give the city and the whole of south Wales a competitive advantage over other regions.

Businesses in north Wales are already able to access the internet exchange in Manchester via the Welsh Government’s FibreSpeed network

Creating an internet exchange in Cardiff will help give the city and whole of south Wales a competitive advantage over other regions.

Intellectual property created in Wales can remain in Wales; internet service providers can benefit from a wider choice of partners; Welsh content can be put onto the internet from Wales and Wales can become a more attractive place for the increasing number of investors who require local access to internet peering.