Welsh Government Funding Drives Expansion for Biotech Pioneer TrakCel Ltd. to create 20 new jobs in Cardiff

TrakCel Ltd. is expanding and creating 20 jobs in Cardiff with Welsh Government support as it launches the commercial roll-out of its sophisticated tracking system used in cell therapy and regenerative medicine clinical trials.

The funding follows the successful evaluation of TrakCel’s software platform by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), which along with other leaders in the cell therapy industry, has now adopted the technology.

The expansion, which will create twenty jobs over 2 years, has been supported by £125,000 business finance from the Welsh Government to help upscale its operation as it moves from R&D to commercialisation. The company currently employs 15 people including biotechnology specialists, software designers and technical support experts.

TrakCel’s pioneering cell therapy process management and supply chain integration technology has been developed over the past three years to meet the highly specialised data management, reporting and analysis needs of complex clinical trials.

TrakCel’s software ensures the right patient gets the right therapy at the right time and location. It incorporates technologies such as biometrics and radio frequency identification, records and documents the transport and temperature of personalised regenerative and cell-based therapies and coordinates logistics between manufacturing sites and treatment sites in real time.

Economy Minister Edwina Hart said:

“Cell therapy and regenerative medicine is a highly specialist area that is growing at a rapid pace worldwide and I am delighted that Wales continues to play a significant role in this growth.

“Support from the Welsh Government is helping to attract world class companies and research specialists in this field to Wales and also supporting the expertise of home grown companies like TrakCel.

“This is a significant and strategically important project from a company that is developing a significant presence on the global cell-based therapy market. I am delighted that with WG support TrakCel continues to grow the business in Wales.”

Keren Winmill, Chair and CEO, TrakCel, said:

“This funding will help us acquire the resources we need to further develop our technology from our corporate headquarters in Cardiff,”

“With considerable interest from major pharmaceutical companies in the US and UK, the timing of the funding will also benefit commercial growth as we expand into the global market.”

In addition to GSK, TrakCel has secured contracts with other recognised companies including PCT Caladrius, Autolus and The Cell Therapy Catapult.

In November this year TrakCel Ltd launched its ‘Connected Services’ programme which aims to accelerate cell therapy success by enhancing TrakCel’s platform with links to participant firms that specialize in logistics, cell therapy manufacturing, patient treatment, storage, compliance and other essential tasks in the supply chain.