Wales spending more on health and education

Official figures by the UK Government show that spending per head on health is higher in Wales – and has increased faster than any other part of the UK.

The Country and Regional Analysis for 2014, published by HM Treasury, shows that expenditure on public services in Wales stood at £9,904 per head – 11 percent higher than the UK average.

Their analysis shows that the amount of money the Welsh Government spends per head on health and social services in Wales increased faster last year than any other part of the UK and is 7% higher than in England.

On education, spending per head in Wales is 4 per cent higher than in England.

Welcoming the figures, First Minister, Carwyn Jones said:

“These figures confirm that we invest more than England on the services that matter most to people in Wales.

“Investing in our health service is a priority for this Government and spend on health has never been higher. That is why we have provided an extra £150 million for the Welsh NHS this year.

“Today’s figures also show that we are continuing to spend more per head on education than in England – another sign of our commitment to delivering a top of the class education system in Wales.

“Despite an unprecedented £1.3 billion cut in real terms to our Budget since 2010/11, today’s figures confirm that we have maintained our focus on the services that matter most to the people of Wales.”