Update on potential City Deal for the Cardiff Capital Region

Ten local authorities in the Cardiff Capital Region have been working together to produce a proposal for a City Deal.  This follows the development of City Deals in England and the agreement to a Glasgow City Deal in Summer 2014. In March 2015, the UK Government indicated that it would open negotiations with the Cardiff Capital Region.  Discussions have been ongoing since then.

This month the Cardiff Capital Region local authorities submitted its headline proposal to the UK Government.  The goal of a City Deal would be to reduce the GVA gap between the city region and the UK average. The proposal that was submitted focuses on connectivity, digital, innovation, skills and worklessness and business support and regeneration.

The Welsh Government fully supports this proposal and has indicated that it would commit up to £580 million, with equivalent matched funding from the UK Government.  In addition to the local authorities’ own contribution, this would take the total value £1.3 billion, a significant investment in the Cardiff Capital Region.  Although the projects that will be funded have not been confirmed at this stage, given the importance of connectivity to economic development, it is likely that transport infrastructure will feature.