Spotlight On: Church Army Residential Services Cardiff

Spotlight On: Church Army Residential Services Cardiff

A column profiling organisations based in or working in Cardiff West

Church Army Residential Services Cardiff provides accommodation and support to homeless young people. Its two main residential facilities are in Fairwater and Danescourt in Cardiff West.

Across the UK, Church Army exists to enable people to come to a living faith in Jesus Christ. As part of its mission, Church Army reaches out to children and young people, homeless people and older people.

Church Army Residential Services Cardiff is a project of Church Army, who established its work with homeless young people 25 years ago in 1984. Their work is based on the Christian principles of hope, justice and love, the service offered being relevant to the needs of homeless young people within a person centred support, education and development programme.

Since 1984 Church Army has provided accommodation to over 1600 homeless young people. Since those early days, Church Army has developed a number of different projects in Cardiff, including Ty Bronna and DC2 a floating support scheme, which provides care and support and above all a place which is a home to 29 young people each day. Aged between 16 and 21 years old many of these young people arrive at their doors because they have no where else to call home and no one else to look after them.

Young people will receive support to acquire skills required for move on, such as: Welfare benefits; Training and employment; Tenancy rights; Cooking and domestic skills; Social skills and networking; Budgeting skills; and Coping skills.

The Church Army have two main residential facilities in Cardiff West.

Ty Bronna in the Fairwater district of Cardiff and serves young people aged between sixteen and twenty one. It provides short term accommodation for those that find themselves homeless or in desperate need, and help into suitable longer term accommodation.

Ty Danescourt is defined as semi-supported accommodation and considered to be the second stage of accommodation that Church Army Residential Services Cardiff has to offer.

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