Spotlight on: Cardiff Third Sector Council (C3SC)

Spotlight on: Cardiff Third Sector Council (C3SC)

A column profiling organisations based in or working in Cardiff West

Cardiff Third Sector Council offers advice and support to voluntary organisations, community groups, charities and social enterprises

Cardiff Third Sector Council (C3SC) is the County Voluntary Council – the umbrella organisation that supports and represents the third sector – in Cardiff. They are a membership organisation. Their vision is a strong, diverse and relevant third sector in Cardiff.

C3SC offers a range of services to support community and voluntary action. They can help with:

  • Setting up a community group
  • Funding and sustainability
  • One-to-one specialist support
  • Trusteeships and governance
  • Training and networking

Read a story of C3SC support

In the latest edition of their ‘Maniffesto’ newspaper, trustees from ‘Grandparents Raising Grandchildren’ explain how they have benefited from C3SC’s support and advice “…we first contacted Cardiff Third Sector Council for some advice about becoming an independent group. Katie, one of C3SC’s third sector officers, came to meet us a few weeks later. She listened while we told her about the situation and our concerns … Katie reassured us that we could be trustees of our own group and spent some time explaining what that involved, including the responsibilities trustees undertake and how to ensure we governed our assets and finances effectively. She also helped us write a constitution, which we adopted officially a few weeks later, and used to open a small group bank account.”

Read the article on page 3 of the November 2014 edition of Maniffesto – which explains how C3SC supported GRG from setting up, to gaining funding, and gaining recognition, including from their local Assembly Member.

Managing your organisation can be complex and challenging. C3SC offers confidential advice and interim intervention, recognising that the right support can help prevent challenges from turning into a crisis.

C3SC can help with due diligence and organisational health checks, including support with:

  • Developing appropriate policies
  • Reviewing governance and staff structures
  • Training
  • Implementing best practice

We can help improve a group or organisation’s sustainability by reviewing:

  • Funding and funding strategies
  • Marketing and business plan
  • Assets and community asset transfers, and readiness for commissioning
  • Co-working and co-production

Last year C3SC helped organisations access over £1 million in funding.

Here’s some of the feedback C3SC received:

  • “Whenever we need help, C3SC is there for us”
  • “C3SC is a good organisation to engage with. The staff I speak to are knowledgeable, friendly and efficient”
  • “the network meetings have been invaluable”
  • “We have had the benefit in the past of good training which we have always applauded and been grateful for.”

Become a member of C3SC

Membership is free for third sector groups and organisations; a minimal fee applies to everyone else.

Your membership will support the third sector’s work in public partnerships, consultations, programme boards, neighbourhood partnerships,and in the local delivery of national strategies. You will also have the opportunity to take on a representative role within your area of interest and to become a member of C3SC’s networks around relevant areas of interest and meet with other third sector organisations to share, learn from each other, and collaborate.

To find out more about C3SC’s support and how to become a member:


Many thanks to Rowena at C3SC for helping with this article.