Search for grants in Cardiff West

GRANTfinder is by far the UK’s largest and most comprehensively supported searchable database. It is a user-friendly database carrying in excess of 6,000 UK and EU funding programmes, a reservoir of information that is constantly growing and continuously updated.

We have access to it through our National Assembly account, and we can perform searches and provide the results to organisations in Cardiff West. If you are interested, please provide as much information as possible about your organisation and types of funding sought so that we can narrow down the results as much as possible. The sorts of useful information would include: location; total project value; who is applying for the funding; what they want the funding for; and number of employees (relevant only to the private sector).

GRANTfinder’s search mechanism can identify funding opportunities for up-and-coming projects, but also it can search a particular funding programme or provider, without a project in mind (but the number of results can be unwieldy).