Questions to Finance Minister: Fred Keenor and Pre-confirmation Hearings


Dydd Mawrth, 13 Tachwedd 2012
Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Mark Drakeford: I am grateful for the chance to raise two issues with you, Minister. First, I wonder whether you would find time to set out the Government’s position on the possibility of pre-confirmation hearings for major public appointments in Wales. Secondly, I wonder whether you would find time for us to discuss the work of Sport Wales. Last Saturday saw the unveiling of a statue of Fred Keenor, a great Welsh sporting hero, at the Cardiff City Football Club ground—a statue that is there partly as a result of a contribution from the Welsh Government to the appeal fund. I was joined at the ground by my fellow association football experts Jenny Rathbone and Julie Morgan. It was a great occasion. It would be excellent to have an opportunity to debate the work of the sports council in helping to create the sporting heroes of the future in Wales.

Jane Hutt: I thank the Member for Cardiff West for raising these matters. On the first point that he raised with me on the business statement, about the practice and the opportunity for greater parliamentary oversight of key public appointments, this is something that the First Minister has been made aware of. You will have seen practice elsewhere, not just in Westminster, but in other devolved administrations. This is an issue that we will consider and draw attention to in terms of action, and take forward in due course.

Your second point provides an opportunity to welcome the fact that the statue of Fred Keenor, who I understand was captain of Cardiff City when it won the Football Association cup in 1927, was unveiled last weekend near the new Cardiff City stadium before an important match between Cardiff City and Hull City AFC. The sports council’s role in terms of honouring our sportsmen and sportswomen is important. We should also recognise that public subscription contributed substantially to this statue.