Minister endorses ‘radical plan’ to transform teacher training in Wales

Plans to transform the system of initial teacher education and training in Wales have been set out by the Education Minister, Huw Lewis.

Outlining the Welsh Government response to Professor John Furlong’s ‘Teaching Tomorrow Teachers’ report that was commissioned by the Welsh Government and published in March, the Minister said the report meant ‘radical change’ for teacher education in Wales.

The new approach includes a revision to professional teaching standards and plans to drive up the quality of initial teacher training courses by overhauling the teaching qualification and accreditation process.

The Minister said the plan needed to be radical to help prepare a ‘new generation of professionals’ with the skills to deliver the major curriculum change Wales is about to embark upon over the next few years as a result of the Donaldson review.

Professor Furlong was asked to look closely at the way current teacher training provision is organised in Wales, at the evidence to support change, and at the measures needed to support a Welsh, world class initial teacher training and education system that can compete with the best in the World.