How warehousing of the elderly led to a crash

Mark Drakeford investigates the crisis at Southern Cross and its impact in Wales
June 2nd, 2011 

On 25 MayI used my first ever opportunity to speak in the National Assembly to ask for a Government statement about the looming crisis at the private provider of residential care of older people, Southern Cross. Almost two months earlier my attention had been drawn to the problems by a telephone call from a journalist at the Financial Times. Over the years my views have not regularly been the subject of attention by the FT. However, this call came as the result of research I had carried out five years earlier into the residential care sector.

The background to the difficulties in residential care services for older people is one which, while relatively brief in time, has been continuously turbulent. Essentially, the story begins with the 1990 Community Care Act and the Faustian bargain at its heart.

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