Housing investment and regeneration


Dydd Mercher, 17 Hydref 2012
Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Mark Drakeford: A wnaiff y Gweinidog ddatganiad am yr effaith y mae buddsoddi mewn tai yn ei chael ar adfywio cymunedol.
[Will the Minster make a statement on the community regeneration impact of investment in housing.]

Huw Lewis: I thank the Member for Cardiff West. Housing investment can have a range of regeneration impacts, including enhancing attractiveness and a sense of place in communities, improving services for vulnerable people, increasing footfall and supply chains for local businesses and, of course, providing jobs and training for local people. We work with partners across Wales to capture those benefits as best we can.

Mark Drakeford: Thank you for that answer, Minister, with which I much agree. Can you give me an assurance that you are conveying those same messages to your Cabinet colleagues so that, when decisions are made in local development plans about the siting of new housing, they are put in places where the maximum regeneration impact can be obtained in a way that a Labour Government would wish to see, rather than simply being dictated by what the market thinks it requires?

Huw Lewis: Yes, of course. That is a key aspect of my commitment—and was, within days of my taking on this portfolio—to align housing policy within Wales as closely as possible to what is happening within our regeneration work, if you like, to break down the silos between the two headings of activity, and regard them as a unified whole in delivering for communities.