FMQs 8th November 2011 – Organ Donation

Mark Drakeford: A wnaiff y Prif Weinidog ddatganiad am gynhyrchu Papur Gwyn Llywodraeth Cymru ar Roi Organau yng Nghymru
[Will the First Minister make a statement on the production of the Welsh Government’s White Paper on Organ Donation in Wales]

The First Minister: The Minister for Health and Social Services and I were delighted to launch the White Paper on organ and tissue donation at the University Hospital of Wales today, following its publication yesterday.

Mark Drakeford: I support the Welsh Government’s decision to proceed on this matter by means of a White Paper in the first instance, as it remains a topic on which there are many different views that need to be brought together to shape the legislation. Can you give us an assurance that, in conducting the consultation that the Government will carry out on the White Paper, the views of staff associations, patient groups and third sector organisations such as the Kidney Foundation, the British Lung Association, Diabetes UK Cymru and so on will be sought in order to form a comprehensive approach to consultation, so that we have a wide range of views and so that an effort is made to spread information and education, which are so important in this area?

The First Minister: Yes, we welcome a wide range of views on this issue. It is the Government’s intention to bring forward the organ donation Bill, but the form of that Bill is, of course, a matter for consultation. We want to ensure that we get it right. It will be an important piece of legislation for the people of Wales and for so many people who will, literally, depend on it to get a better life or, indeed, to extend their life.