FMQs: 31 January 2012

Mark Drakeford: A wnaiff y Prif Weinidog ddatganiad am ddatblygu hen safle Melin Bapur Trelái yn etholaeth Gorllewin Caerdydd yn y dyfodol.

[Will the First Minister make a statement on the future development of the former Ely Paper Mill site in the Cardiff West constituency.]

The First Minister: As I announced under the economic stimulus package in November, we will invest £6 million to facilitate remediation works to develop a housing scheme on the site.

Mark Drakeford: I was grateful for a letter earlier this week from the Minister for enterprise confirming that dedicated pensioner accommodation was being actively considered for the Ely paper mill site. The nearby estates of Ely and Caerau in Cardiff West have well over 100 family houses currently occupied by single pensioners. They find it difficult to heat and maintain those properties. Do you agree that if we were to work carefully with that local community, there would be an opportunity both to provide more suitable accommodation for those pensioner households and to release substantial numbers of family houses back into the supply of affordable public rented accommodation in that part of Cardiff?

The First Minister: Yes, I agree with the Member. It is important that there is an appropriate mix of housing on the site, and, in providing that mix, it will be important to look at the need for different provision for families of different sizes.