FMQs 17th January 2012

Mark Drakeford: A wnaiff y Prif Weinidog ddatganiad am bwysigrwydd aelodaeth y DU o’r Undeb Ewropeaidd i Gymru.
[Will the First Minister make a statement on the importance to Wales of the UK’s membership of the European Union.]
The First Minister: During this period of economic difficulty, the UK’s membership of the EU is vital in safeguarding our common interests.
Mark Drakeford: Do you share the concerns of Welsh exporters at the way in which austerity across Europe is closing down European markets? Do you agree with that doyen of Conservative economic commentators, Samuel Brittan, that when the history books come to be written, the greatest condemnation of the Cameron-Osborne regime will be that it insisted on exporting such an austerity regime to Europe, just as the advantages of a Keynsian approach in the United States were becoming clearly apparent? [Interruption.]
The First Minister: I always know in this Chamber that the louder the Conservative benches groan, the more uncomfortable they are with the argument that is being put before them. [Laughter.] You are quite right to say that there must be concern in the European Union that austerity is being taken so far that it will take far longer for the whole of the EU to recover. That cannot be good for the citizens of the European Union.