Cross-Border Working Between Local Authorities


Dydd Mercher, 7 Tachwedd 2012
Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Mark Drakeford: Pa gamau y mae’r Gweinidog yn eu cymryd i annog awdurdodau lleol yng Nghymru i weithio’n drawsffiniol.

[What steps is the Minister taking to encourage cross-border working between local authorities in Wales.]
Carl Sargeant: Collaboration between local authorities is critical if we are to survive the tough challenges ahead. Following the compact for change between local government and the Welsh Government, I am continuing to encourage and support this.
Mark Drakeford: Thank you, Minister. Cross-border working between local authorities is essential to the achievement of a whole series of Welsh Government priorities, including the production of sensible local development plans and making a reality of the city-regions concept. What leadership are Welsh Ministers able to provide to help local authorities overcome some difficult histories in this area so that they are better able to work together to create the sort of services people in their areas are entitled to expect?


Carl Sargeant: It has been challenging to get people who have traditionally worked in one area to work beyond the normal boundaries they have been comfortable with. My team operates through the PSLG, as I mentioned earlier, working with the Minister for business on city regions to develop relationships that are clearly working in many areas. As I said earlier in response to your colleague’s question, where people wish to participate, we will encourage and help them all the way. Where people fail to do this, they will be left behind and will start to fail on service delivery. That is where we will step in to make that difference.