Consultation into Public Service Staff Commission opens

Public Service Minister Leighton Andrews AM is putting workforce matters at the centre of the public service reform agenda by opening a consultation on the remit of a staff commission.

The Welsh Government gave a clear commitment to the delivery of efficient, effective and accessible public services in its Programme for Government.

A Public Services Staff Commission will be able to advise Welsh Ministers and public service organisations on workforce issues. It will be able to identify and propose practical solutions to issues arising from reform.

Leighton Andrews said:

“Our public services need support to deliver change. ‘We want public services which are modern, focussed on the needs of the user and supported by staff with a strong interest in their success. I want to engage the workforce in discussing how improvement can best be delivered.

“An effective Staff Commission can play a key role in the consideration of staffing issues throughout this period of change, and contribute to the vision for the public sector workforce we have set out.

“My intention is to establish a non-statutory Staff Commission by April 2015, in particular to support any Local Authority voluntary mergers.”

The scope and remit of the Commission will be refined and developed in conjunction with key stakeholders and in response to views expressed through the consultation.

The consultation runs until 13 January 2015.