Co-operative School Question

Dydd Mercher, 5 Rhagfyr 2012
Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Mark Drakeford: Pa astudiaeth y mae Llywodraeth Cymru wedi’i gwneud o’r mudiad ysgolion cydweithredol mewn rhannau eraill o’r Deyrnas Unedig.
[What study has the Welsh Government made of the cooperative school movement in other parts of the United Kingdom.]

Leighton Andrews: None.

Mark Drakeford: That is regrettable, Minister, given the fact that there is much to learn from what goes on in other parts of the United Kingdom. Welsh schools, it seems to me, are full of highly committed teachers, strongly supported by their governing bodies and their parents. Even without having had the opportunity to study interesting developments in other parts of the United Kingdom, I wonder if you would agree with me that, in principle at least, co-operative school models offer a new way of harnessing that commitment while retaining the crucial benefits of remaining firmly within the public sector.

Leighton Andrews: Yes, indeed, I do. The Member’s question asked what study we have made: we have not made any studies, but I have had discussions with my officials about the operation of the co-operative schools that are in existence in, for example, England. We are always ready, as my colleague the Member for Cardiff West knows, to learn from the experience of using different models in other parts of the United Kingdom and, indeed, further afield. As I said in my statement on 20 November, I am very keen to explore the opportunities that there may be for co-operative development in schools, and that is something that we should properly explore in the context of the review that I announced.