Clarification over recent media reports

Please see below copies of emails between myself and David Davies, Chair of Cardiff West Constituency Labour Party, clarifying my position on the Labour Party leadership Election.


—–Original Message—–

From: David Llewellyn Davies

Sent: 13 August 2015 13:25

To: Drakeford, Mark (Assembly Member)

Cc: Annabelle Harle

Subject: Labour Party Leadership Election



I note that yesterday Leighton Andrews declared his support for Yvette Cooper in the Labour Leadership Election. I had understood that the First Minister felt his Cabinet colleagues were best remaining neutral at least from a public perspective.

You followed the neutrality line at the last GC but Kevin was free to declare his position and did so. I wonder given Leighton’s intervention if you would now like to do the same?  I think it would be in members interests to know the position of both elected representatives.

If you are happy to do this I will ask Annabelle to issue an appropriate communication within the CLP.

I look forward to hearing your view.


David Llewellyn Davies

Chair – Cardiff West Constituency Labour Party



—–Original Message—–

From: Drakeford, Mark (Assembly Member)

Sent: 13 August 2015 17:12

To: ‘David Llewellyn Davies’

Cc: Annabelle Harle

Subject: RE: Labour Party Leadership Election


Dear David,

Thank you for your email earlier today.

As you know, I met Jeremy Corbyn in Cardiff in the early days of the Labour Leadership campaign. I made my decision then that I would support him.

I have been reluctant to make any public statement for three main reasons:

  1. As you say in your email, until yesterday no Labour Cabinet Minister in the Welsh Government had declared their support for any candidate. I wished to respect that position, whilst it remained in place.
  2. This is a very different Labour Leadership election. The view of any person casting a vote carries exactly the same weight as any other person. I am simply expressing my own, personal preference.
  3. Welsh Labour already has a leader in Carwyn Jones. We have a Welsh General Election next year. I have not wanted to do anything to detract attention from the 100% effort I will make to ensure that Labour in Wales is returned to government, with Carwyn as our First Minister.

From time to time, individual Party members in Cardiff West have asked for my view on who to support in the leadership contest. I always say the same thing: I will be voting for the candidate whose views most closely reflect my own and they should do the same, choosing the person whose policy preferences they believe to be closest to their own.

I want a Labour Party which is passionate about equality, determined to keep public services wherever possible, clear-headed in its understanding that we all do better when acting together to solve common problems and uncompromising in challenging the Tory myth that there is no alternative to austerity economics. Of the candidates in this election, Jeremy Corbyn most closely reflects these views and that is why I will be voting for him.

Best wishes