Campaign to Save Public Toilets to be taken up by Health and Social Care Committee

The National Assembly’s Health and Social Care Committee is to investigate the public health implications of public toilet closures across Wales it was announced today (Wednesday, 16 November, 2011).

Campaigners are bringing their fight to save Wales’s public toilets to the Senate today calling on the Welsh Government to work with local authorities to keep public toilets open.

The campaign is led by the Welsh Senate for Older People who say that it is those they represent along with pregnant women and parents with young children who are hardest hit when public conveniences disappear from our communities.

The National Assembly received a petition on public toilet provision earlier this year and has asked the Health and Social Services Committee to conduct an investigation.

Mark Drakeford, Chair of the Health and Social Care Committee, said today : “Access to clean and accessible public toilet facilities is essential for everyone but even more so for older people, people with disabilities and young children. The Welsh Government has introduced schemes such as the public facilities scheme to encourage businesses to open their toilets to the public but there is still widespread concern that so many facilities have closed. The Health and Social Care Committee has been asked to investigate the public health implications of the closures and this will take place early in the New Year.”