Cardiff West AM Mark Drakeford has called on South Wales Police to give an assurance that they will have a facility based in Canton after Canton Police Station is closed.

There are growing concerns in the city about the number of police stations facing closure. The Canton Police Station building is currently up for sale but no plans have yet been announced for a replacement facility in the area.

Mark Drakeford and Cardiff Councillor Ramesh Patel both believe that the police should have, as a minimum,  a satellite Police Station in Canton sharing facilities with other organisations and where people can visit to report crimes.

Mr Drakeford said : “We accept that the existing building is no longer fit for purpose as it is shabby and outmoded but I am concerned that its closure could leave Police Officers  and Police Community Support Officers without a base in Canton.  People need the reassurance of a police station in the community.  Policing is becoming like many other services that rely increasingly on telephone contact and social networking to be accessible to the public but there are genuine fears that policing could become too remote and out of touch with the community.”

Councillor Ramesh Patel said : “We have offered a number of suggestions to South Wales Police which could provide a suitable base for a satellite police station in Canton.  These include the Taff Housing building which is directly opposite the existing Police Station, Canton Library, Canton Community Centre or Chapter Arts Centre.  The main thing is that the police facility should have a front desk where people can come if they want to report a crime and it should be close to where they live and accessible.”