Following strong pressure for him to correct the Assembly’s records, Plaid Cymru Assembly Member for South Wales Central and Cardiff Councillor Neil McEvoy has withdrawn recent comments made in the Senedd.

Mr McEvoy had made allegations that Mark Drakeford had at one point taken three salaries: as a Minister in the Welsh Government, Assembly Member, and as a ‘further education lecturer’. This is entirely false, as Mark Drakeford ceased his employment with Cardiff University on the day that he was invited to join the Cabinet as Health Minister in March 2013.

Mr McEvoy said, in an email to Mark Drakeford, the Assembly’s Presiding Officer and the Leader of the House, that:

“I was not correct in stating your 3 roles were Minister, Cardiff University lecturer and Cardiff West Assembly Member… The employment with Cardiff University ceased when you became Minister. I therefore withdraw the comment.”

Mr McEvoy also admitted that he had mistakenly accused Mark, on social media and in Cardiff Council’s debating chamber, of being an ‘unregistered landlord’, despite him not being a landlord at all.

Mark Drakeford said:

“Being an Assembly Member brings with it obligations to behave in a way that is consistent with the standards of Welsh Public Life. Whenever things are said which are incorrect, I will take action to have the record corrected. Personal attacks have long been the stock-in-trade of Mr McEvoy, but entirely unfounded allegations such as these must not go unchallenged.”

Mr McEvoy continues to take both his salary as Assembly Member for South Wales Central, and his salary as Councillor for the Fairwater Ward on Cardiff Council. He is seeking re-election at next year’s local elections, while continuing as an Assembly Member.