A living language: a language for living – moving forward

First Minister, Carwyn Jones, has pledged £1.6million over the next two years to strengthen the link between the Welsh language and the economy and create more opportunities for people to use the language every day.

Speaking in the Senedd, the First Minister set out the steps the Welsh Government will take to strengthen the language over the next three crucial years. The draft policy statement, Moving Forward, builds on the existing Welsh language strategy and responds to key findings of the Gynhadledd Fawr.

£400,000 will be invested to maximise the link between the language and the economy.

The funding will be used to develop a pilot project to improve the way businesses provide services through the medium of Welsh in the Teifi Valley, involving Welsh Language Business Support Surgeries and a Welsh Language SME Support Fund. This will form the basis of a wider roll out across Wales. The funding will also go towards research and marketing projects.

£1.2 million will also be invested over the next two years to boost the use of Welsh in the community – £400,000 this year, increasing to £800,000 from 2015-16 onwards.

This includes £750,000 to develop the work of the Mentrau Iaith. A new fund will also be established for projects to promote the use of Welsh in places which are traditionally Welsh speaking or of strategic importance.