£70m investment in the Welsh NHS will help reform services

A £70m investment in the Welsh NHS will go towards developing local health services, integrating health and social care and delivering improvements to cancer, cardiac and stroke services.

Following the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement in December, Finance Minister Jane Hutt announced that the £70m being made available to the Welsh Government by the UK Government in 2015-16 would be allocated to the Welsh NHS.

The £70m is part of the extra £295m being invested by the Welsh Government in health and social care in 2015-16. This means the budget for Health and Social Services in Wales in 2015-16 will be £6.7bn – the highest it’s ever been, and will account for 43% of the total Welsh Government budget.

The £70m investment will go towards:

•£30m to develop primary care services across Wales: this will build on the Welsh Government’s primary care plan to shift more services from hospitals and improve access to preventative, integrated community, primary and social care services.

•£20m to take forward projects funded by the Intermediate Care Fund this year that have proven to be effective across community and acute environments, linking out-of-hospital care and social care to strengthen the resilience of the unscheduled care system.

•£10m to implement measures in ten key delivery plans including cancer, cardiac, diabetes, mental health, stroke care, and respiratory health, to take forward service reconfiguration.

•£10m for the creation of an “efficiency through technology” fund, which will accelerate the adoption of new technologies, and new ways of working which drive efficiencies in the Welsh NHS.